660V medium voltage high performance vector inverter

一、product description

  • Product Type: G type (660V medium pressure type)
  • Product brand: NFLIXIN
  • Voltage rating: three-phase 660v / 690V
  • Power rating: 22kw-630kw

二、 product features

  • Protection of mechanical torque limits.
  • Fast current limit and instantaneous stop.
  • Can automatically detect the load function.
  • Using the most advanced V / F separation and open-loop vector control technology.
  • Can be set to 5 groups of virtual DIDO, virtual IO terminal status can be directly function code given.
  • Built-in RS-485 / Modbusprotocol standard communication interface, PROFIBUS-DP.
  •    Multi-speed operation, a variety of acceleration and deceleration time control, droop control, torque and speed control.
  • Each analog input (AI1-AI3), can be set to 4 points curve, the use of more flexible.
  •  We promise to purchase  air compressor from us dedicated inverter Genius 12 months, life-long maintenance.


  • Shearer and continuous mining machine
  • Hoists and conveyors
  • Mine fan water pump
  • Submersible pumps and emulsified pumps


  • The inverter power must be approximately greater or equal to the motor power;
  •  The inverter is customized, please contact us to confirm the delivery period
  • Please  the install under protection of the technical staff