Solar / photovoltaic DC- AC inverter

一、Product introduction

  • Product Type: D type (for photovoltaic type)
  • Product brand: NFLIXIN
  •  Voltage rating: three-phase 220V / 380v
  • Power rating: 0.75KW-22KW

二、Product features

  • Built-in MPPT controller, excellent MPPT algorithm for a variety of solar panels, the main circuit using intelligent power module, high reliability, conversion efficiency of about 95%
  •  Support less than 2KW boost module, increase the PV output voltage;
  •  Can be based on the actual system conditions free to set the pump speed range;
  •    Soft start, reduce the top of the voltage spikes, with overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload and other protection functions
  • Support for PV input and AC grid input;


  • Photovoltaic pumps
  • Wind power pumps


  • Do not overload the use of inverter, such as the inverter power than the motor power is small, or ordinary motor is greater than 50HZ run, otherwise the inverter will frequently jump overload protection failure, and even blowers, the motor may also be too hot and burned;
  •  The default frequency of the inverter 50Hz, the default off anyway function, if you want to change, please contact the manufacturer after the sale or by the correct operation of the manual;
  • The inverter output U, V, W and the motor can not be connected in series between any switches, including the contactor, can not use the inverter as a power supply, the inverter can not run through the switch suddenly connected to any equipment;
  •  Inverter operation panel outside the lead distance should not be too long, such as more than 5M, it is recommended to use external potentiometer speed and shielded cable connection, start and stop control can use the terminal control mode;
  •  Panel cable is too long susceptible to harmonic interference, so that the inverter frequency control is not accurate, the frequency fluctuations
  •   DC input voltage should try to meet the recommended voltage, otherwise it will reduce the solar energy conversion rate;
  • AC input and DC input switch can not be closed at the same time, otherwise it will damage the inverter or solar panels.