Special inverter for air compressor

Special inverter for air compressor

一、Product introduction

  • Product Type: K type (Air compressor type)
  • Product Brand: NFLIXIN
  • Voltage Rating: Three-phase 380v
  • Power Rating: 5.5kw-630kw

二、Product features

  • Adopt the most advanced vector control technology.
  • Can automatically run energy-saving, maximize the saving rate.
  • With automatic voltage regulator, the maximum voltage stability.
  • With automatic over-current, over-voltage detection protection, maximum protection of customer equipment and inverter.
  • Can automatically detect the load function.
  • Full frequency high torque output and fast response, excellent load adaptability.
  • With automatic reset, power-down reset function, to ensure continuous production and production efficiency.
  • Built-in PID regulator, closed-loop system control of process variables such as temperature, pressure and flow rate can be conveniently realized when constant pressure and constant temperature control are implemented.


  • Piston air compressor
  • Piston air compressor
  • Centrifugal air compressor
  • Screw air compressor
  • Vane air compressor


  • The air compressor selects the frequency according to the load selection, the air compressor output pressure is bigger than 8 kilograms need to enlarge the first grade power selection;
  • Air compressor driver supports remote pressure gauge and pressure sensor, need to bring their own  remote pressure gauge or pressure sensor;
  • Please install it under the protection of the technical staff.